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Fast Russian with Elisabeth Smith John Murray, фото 2

Fast Russian with Elisabeth Smith John Murray

Інформація для замовлення

Самовчитель російської мови Fast Russian with Elisabeth Smith John Murray 

Автор: Elisabeth Smith

Видавництво: John Murray


Looking for a Russian course that really works fast? Look no further. In just 45 minutes a day for six weeks, Elisabeth Smith will teach you the 450 most useful words and expressions that you need. Whether you're going on holiday, looking to brush up lost language skills or just curious about Russian, this course will give you the confidence to communicate in all kinds of everyday situations - shopping, chatting over a coffee, ordering a meal, setting up a meeting, booking a hotel. You'll be able to speak to the locals - and understand what they say back to you!

The course is clearly structured and easy to follow. And Elisabeth makes learning fun, fast and easy. Her courses are built around what her students have told her they want - quick, practical, all the essentials. On completion, get your certificate of achievement to impress your friends and family with.

Speak Russian - fast!

Вивчення мовиРосійська
Вид палітуркиМ'який
Кількість сторінок160
Рік видання2011
ВиробникJohn Murray
МоваРосійська, Англійська
Довжина20.6 см
Ширина15.1 см
  • Ціна: 606 ₴

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